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Remember your old dial-up Internet connection? That swooshing noise the modem made?

In 1995 we started with swishing modems and a storefront in Cooper City, Florida. We were one of a handful of Internet Service Providers at the time. Our company was Interpoint Internet Communications. We like to think we provided the best customer support around. We even had "newbie" classes to teach our clients how to send emails and "surf the net".

We also were one of a handful of Website Hosting companies. Our very first client was a Brazilian Pharmaceutical company. They wanted a website, but the whole country of Brazil’s Internet connection had less bandwidth than a DSL connection! Needless to say, our bandwidth was more to their liking.

About American Business Network

Then came the "Tech Bubble" and Interpoint was sold in 1999.

Then we decided to do it again. In 2001 we opened American Business Network (ameribiz), Inc. Dialup was passé, and everyone and their brother wanted to be in the ISP business. But we liked hosting websites the most. We decided that Ameribiz would concentrate on Website services.

And so we do. We still like to think we provide the best customer support around.

Website hosting, website design, search engine optimization, email services, customized web site programming and social media services; we do it all.

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Let us walk you through our time-tested steps to create your website. Our professional website designers can develop a simple small business or a major ecommerce website customized just for you. All of our sites are Search Engine friendly.

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Whether you're seeking website hosting services or email service only for your company's domain name, we can help you. We've hosted websites large and small since 1995. Our experience allows us to create the hosting package you need at an affordable price.

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Our SEO expert can provide small businesses an opportunity for optimal internet marketing with affordable search engine ranking services.

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